Google says it can better understand your awkward search questions

Google may be even more powerful now than it was last week. It's implemented an algorithm to better understand our awkwardly phrased search questions.

Search engine expert Barry Schwartz says the idea is to make Google better at deciphering what we really mean and not just pick out keywords -- as it has in the past.

"It allows Google to understand some queries in a more human-like fashion, more like humans would understand it."

For example, if you type "parking on a hill with no curb" the old Google would ignore the word no. YouTuber Trent Munday says you can now type as if you're asking another person.

"Instead of typing in 'spa St. Petersburg' you'll be typing in 'what's the best spa in St. Petersburg,' much more the way you would actually speak it."

Google says it's the biggest change to its search in five years. Schwartz says it should improve usability for us.

"It's Google's way of understanding search queries and content better. Google says it'll impact about 10% of queries." If so, that's a huge amount of Google's daily search traffic.

In another example, if you typed "can you get medicine for someone pharmacy" and meant "can you pick up medicine at a pharmacy for someone else" Google will now understand what you mean. In the past, the search engine would ignore words it didn't consider "keywords."

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