Today's leftism has old die hard liberals scratching their heads

If you thought liberals had crazy ideas twenty years ago, you haven't seen anything like today's age of leftism.

Today, you can't call someone an illegal alien. Socialism is good. And Political analyst Debbie Georgatos says the left now takes gender issues to the extreme.

"They believe there are 72 genders. No there are not. You cannot even get consensus on the issue that truth exists," Georgatos. said.

She says the left of 20 years ago looks downright sane compared to the 'woke' left of today.

"It has become more mainstream and acceptable for people to propose these absurdities and demand that policy flow from them," she explained, and adding they have a willing partner in the media.

"Many members of the media participate in this," Georgatos stated.

And they do so without calling anyone out. For instance, no one has called out Italian director Lina Wertmuller for suggesting a female Oscar award show, called the 'Annas.'

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