Halloween’s nearly here and retailers are already pushing Christmas deals

Halloween is nearly here, but holiday shopping bargains are already popping up. Traditionally, Black Friday kicks off holiday shopping rush, but deals have started earlier and earlier. For some, Christmas shopping started right after back-to-school deals.

Despite the bargain hunting, spending is likely to be up this year, if shoppers don't get bogged down with the trade war with China, but the Texas holiday shopping season is expected to be robust due to the economy.

Texas Retailers Association President and CEO George Kelemen said with a late Thanksgiving, the Black Friday window shortens the holiday shopping season by nearly a week. Black Friday is the last Friday of the month and Cyber Monday is the first Monday in December.

"It's important for retailers to get out there probably a little earlier, I'm sure we're seeing that now than they traditionally do to try and make up for those lost days on the calendar," said Kelemen.

He said retailers will be looking to leverage out a little bit and give incentives and sell at a lower price now than after 2020 if there's no resolution to the China trade deal. A lot of the big ticket items could have really good sales thanks to an unknown future.

"There is uncertainty, sort of, on the back end, after the holidays as we turn the calendar into 2020 as it relates to the trade war with China and tariffs," said Kelemen.

For the first time, shopping online will be the preference for a majority of shoppers looking for deals.

Kelemen said retailers are hustling to get a good online and in-store presence.

Young man with credit card online Christmas shopping on laptop

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