Eastern European hackers are the Grinchiest

Just in time for Christmas shopping season, crooks are installing virtual skimmers to online shopping carts, stealing your credit card info. Sadly, there's not much consumers can do about it.

Robert Siciliano, security expert for Porch.com, says smaller web sites are most at risk.

"When you are shopping on smaller, mom and pop type web sites that type of a scam can be more prevalent due to a lack of security issues."

Siciliano says the best you can do is prepare for the worst.

"Unfortunately, consumers are at a loss, literally here; there is nothing they can do proactively to prevent that e-skimming from occurring."

Siciliano says the big sites, like Amazon and Best Buy invest in security the small, mom and pop sites can't afford.

"As long as you're paying close attention to all of your card activity, no matter shopping on a large site or a smaller one, and refuting unauthorized charges -- or considering using PayPal or other methodologies built into the site, you have a better chance of preventing fraud."

Another suggestion is to use single-use credit cards, which can be skimmed without worry.

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