The partisan divide is worse than you probably thought

You knew the partisan divide between Republicans and Democrats was bad. But you may not have known it was this bad.

In fact, seven in ten think we are on the verge of a civil war over the divide. Political scientist Allan Saxe thinks the Civil War was the last time the divide was this bad.

"Somebody took a cane back then and beat another Senator over the head with it. I don't think it comes to this yet, but it might," Saxe explained.

According to Pew 73% of Democrats think Republicans are closed minded. 55% of Republicans think Democrats are immoral. Saxe says social media doesn't help.

"Everybody has gotten crazier. Social media has ratcheted things up a couple of notches. The problem was already there. Social media is adding fuel to the fire," Saxe stated.

Patriotism is also called into question, with 63% of Republicans looking at Democrats as "unpatriotic."

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