Next DHS chief oversee hundreds of miles of border wall in less than a year

The next Department of Homeland Security Secretary will have an enormous undertaking getting more than 400 miles of border wall built before the 2020 election.

That means at least 36 miles of completed border wall construction every month from now until November 2020.

Rick Figueroa with the Trump Hispanic Advisory Council 2020 campaign said there's been great results with building the wall in California.

"Three parts--one is environmental, two, you're dealing with funding, I think the third one, which is just any large project has a lot of logistics--who puts the wall together, the bid process," said Figueroa.

He said border security and immigration reform go hand in hand.

"We can't just focus on the wall. Border security is great, but immigration reform is paramount. The system's broken. We all know it. I think politicians are playing games with us and we just got to be able to keep our eye on the ball," said Figueroa.

He said the new DHS Chief will have to apply some creative ways to get the wall built, because it won't be easy.

American Construction Companies chairman Stan Marek said there aren’t even available construction workers to get the work that needs to be done throughout the United States.


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