The Most Dangerous Actors in America

Gilmore Girls Season 3

Watch out. Alexis Bledel looks innocent and cute, but she’s the greatest celebrity threat to your computer security, McAfee finds. The Emmy-winning actress who gained acclaim as the star of the TV series The Gillmore Girls is more likely to attract you to a malware infested website than any other Hollywood star. Her image attracts more click-bait victims than the others.

“Most all the time these are malicious hackers using these celebrity names to lure you click on that to take you to a different website than you think you’re going to,” says the High Tech Texan Michael Garfield.

McAfee, the computer security firm, has named her the most dangerous celebrity on the internet this year.

Right behind her is the Late Late Show host James Corden, followed by Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark.

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