Democrats seem to be making up the rules on impeachment tactics

Dozens of GOP legislators stormed a room during private testimony for impeaching the president, causing lead Democrats to leave and postpone the interview indefinitely.

On KTRH, Rush Limbaugh said House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff takes testimony out of context, or could even be making it up".

"What Adam Schiff is doing is not an impeachment hearing, he's running a scam. Closed door sessions. Republicans are not allowed in. They're not even allowed to see the transcripts," said Limbaugh.

He added the Democrats have no evidence, they leak anything to the mainstream media as "bombshell testimony, who then reports it as lies.

"Once the public learns that there has been no cross examination, there have been no public hearings, there have not been any Republicans permitted in this thing. It's not an impeachment, then," said Limbaugh.

He said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn't calling for a vote because she doesn't want the witch hunt to end going into the 2020 election.

University of Houston Law Center associate professor Teddy Rave said there’s nothing unconstitutional that the Democrats are doing.

“The Constitution gives the House of Representatives the sole power of impeachment and the Constitution says that the House of Representatives gets to decide what its rules are, so the Democrats get to decide,” said Rave.

He added in the past, one of the reasons to start an impeachment investigation was to authorize subpoena power.

“The current rules of Congress give the committee subpoena power, so that’s one reason why they didn’t have to do it this time,” said Rave.

South Texas College of Law professor of constitutional law Gerald Treece said while the US Supreme Court has looked at impeachment concerning federal judges, yet has never really looked at a presidential impeachment.

“It seems like the Constitution, according to the Supreme Court pretty much leaves it up to the political process. The House as the Grand Jury and then the Senate as the ultimate fire of the president to make these calls. So what’s that mean? I think the House runs the risk of convincing the people in America they’re being unfair,” said Treece. “The Democrats can probably do whatever they want to, to lead to an impeachment, which is the charge, but they’re going to pay a price because the Senate…they have the ability to do whatever they want to.”

He said the impeachment inquiry in the House is not a legal proceeding. He believes a federal judge will tell the politicians to figure it out and they won’t get involved until they have to.

“If this was a case in law, a deposition without both sides present is not admissible in court. But, this isn’t a court,” said Treece. “The ingredients are not there, yet, for a successful conviction of this president.”

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