I'm Just Like You

Politicians love to rail against the rich, like Joe Biden's last attack on President Trump for wanting to use one of his properties for G7. (Trump says he would not have made any profit from it). It's another example of politicians trying to make the wealthy look bad and identify themselves with average income Americans. They think that it makes them seem like they know the pain of the average-income and poor Americans, and make like the wealthy are evil. But many of those politicians themselves are wealthy! Robert Charles is familiar with The District, having served positions under President George H W Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell. “There is a higher degree of hypocrisy at work in Washington that is the norm. There is always a degree of self promotion and sort of hiding the truths and trying to appear to be the common man.”

Those wealthy politicians must feel we don't realize just how wealthy and out of touch they are! Charles says, “I think common sense is what the average American has --- and it is being kind of drained out of Washington D.C.”

Biden, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton before him, has many avenues of wealth. As Forbes says, “'Middle Class Joe' is set to be a member of the upper class for good."

According to Roll Call, over 200 in Congress and the Senate are millionaires, some many times over. 

Politician talking into reporters' microphones

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