Gold at Two Grand an Ounce?!?

Your gold ring and watch could be worth a lot more next year.Global strategists say gold could go for two thousand dollars an ounce by next year. Financial strategists say other currencies are about to get worse and that sends people looking for an alternatives. Pat Shinn of Houston's Heritage Asset Advisers says predicting what gold will do is sketchy.

"At the end of the day, Gold is worth what someone else is willing to pay”."

Shinn does say the price could fluctuate, though. “Right now, what is driving gold more than anything is the trade uncertainty with China. Historically Gold has been a hedge against uncertainty, against inflation, or against central bankers going crazy. But in reality – that is not what history has shown!”

Shinn says lots of strategists have lots of theories about gold...but it's really all a coin toss!

Gold Coins

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