Many of us are making mistakes maintaining our phones and computers

Here's a tech mistake: you can overcharge your phone. New smart phones have technology to prevent overcharging the battery, but some older phones don't.

Digital goddess Kim Komando says first, don't buy a cheap charging cable -- they sometimes catch fire.

"The lesson? Spend a little more and get a replacement charging cable from your device's manufacturer."

Komando says try not to let your battery get too low.

"Rule of thumb, keep your phone, your tablet your laptop charged anywhere between 40 and 80%, that's where you want to be."

Komando says be especially careful with laptops; don't leave them plugged in all the time.

"When the newer generation of batteries reaches a maximum charge they have mechanisms built-in to prevent additional charging; this holds true for tablets and smart phones. What you want to do is go ahead leave those charging but not your laptop because there's totally different technology in the battery."

Komando says older smart phones are also affected by this. She suggests you try to keep your gadget from dropping below 40% charged, if you can.

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