Early voting starts today for November 5th election

Early voting begins today for the election that is scheduled for November 5th.

And for the first time Harris County voters can vote anywhere instead of their precinct. John Oldham is the Fort Bend County Elections Administrator and tells KTRH Harris County will find it works well, just like Fort Bend did.

"It's eliminated a lot of provisional ballots for people who show up late in the day to vote, only to find out they are in the wrong place," Oldham stated.

As for turnout, Oldham says it just depends on what your area is voting for.

"We could be looking in our Houston precincts at 35%," Oldham stated.

But in some places it could be as low as 5%. Early voting runs through November first. Hours vary by county. And you need Photo ID in order to vote.

Click HERE for early voting information in Harris County.

Click HERE for early voting information in Fort Bend County.


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