Odds Are – You’re An Impulse Buyer

We all usually are. A recent survey finds 75% of Americans made an impulse purchase within the past year, and finds 79% of those were inside a store, not online. It’s not to say that people aren’t making impulse purchases online – we are – but the psychology behind instore purchasing is more clearly researched, understood and practiced than the newer statistics that are being gathered about what we buy online.

The psychology for retail managers has been distilled to easy-to-follow principles. These are from suggestions listed on Shopify:

1.) Create a path easy for customers to follow

2.) Put low cost impulse items offering a reward (candy, gum) near checkout

3.) Put impulse buys next to high-demand items

4.) Communicate urgency

5.) Know your customers’ needs

A study by OnePoll found Americans spend more than $200 a month on items they will regret purchasing.

These are the biggest money-wasters:

What are the biggest things we waste our money on?

49 percent = Clothes you don't need

39 percent = Ordering in food/drinks

37 percent = Big ticket tech like laptops or televisions

35 percent = Shoes

35 percent = Chargers or headphones

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