Voters on both sides have impeachment fatigue, but DC doesn't think so

Democrats in Congress won't stop talking about impeachment. Neither will the Democrats running for President. But voters on both sides of the aisle may have had enough.

In fact, voters keep saying they are fed up with investigations upon investigations. Political analyst Michele Maples tells KTRH it's simply gone on too long.

"This began the day he took office. They have been gunning for him since Day One, and three years later, here we are," Maples stated.

And it's not just Republicans thinking that way, either.

"People on both sides have had enough. It doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or a Republican. Most people just want our government to get back to business," Maples explained.

But the mainstream media is pushing the same narrative Democrats in Congress are, telling you about polls that say support for impeachment is growing; polls that we told you this week are not accurate.


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