Kiss Your Phone Goodnight Now

Almost three out of four adults take their phone to bed every night. That includes people who are in a relationship and have someone between the sheets next to them. Technology may be the enemy of intimacy.

“It’s disconnecting people. The only thing we have to connect us is verbal and physical communication. People are growing apart now because of technology and phones,” says Jennifer Styers, who serves up relationship insight and advise on her matchmaking website Love Jenn.

More than a third of couples say the introduction of phones into bedroom dynamics is eradicating the romance and sexual spark in the relationship. One in four say the last thing they usually see before sinking their head in the pillow is a phone screen, not the face of their soul mate. People who take their phone to bed say they have sex half as often as couples who don’t.

“It’s happening everywhere. We could say the bedroom is more impactful but why is it not important when we see someone out at dinner?” asks Styers. Even dinner dates have become an opportunity to connect with Facebook friends while the most important person in our lives is sitting across from us.

Styers says technology is making us less connected to the most important people in our lives.

*results are from a survey of 2,000 American adults by Asurion

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