How the 2020 election will effect redistricting in Texas

Texas Republicans need to win the state elections in 2020 to be able to get to draw the redistricting maps that decide what representatives will be in the Legislature going forward.

Republican strategist Vlad Davidiuk said the Texas Legislature undertakes the process of redistricting every 10 years after the completion of the census. In 2020, all Texas Legislature House and Senate members will be on the ballot. Those results will determine if Republicans or Democrats will get to draw the maps.

"If Democrats manage to pick up some seats and get control over the House or the Senate, they will most definitely use this as an opportunity to redraw those maps to push forward their radical agenda that most Texans are adamantly opposed to," said Davidiuk.

He said if liberals get elected in the Texas Legislature in 2020, it could mean very bad things for the state.

"If Republicans have a hard time winning those seats and Democrats make some advances and put them in the position to help draw these maps, or actually take over the process, it would be very problematic for Texas going forward," said Davidiuk.

He said the Texas Legislature will meet after the census, in 2021, to look at the population and redraw the maps of the political districts. It's imperative that work be completed because it will eventually determine who citizens will vote for to represent them.

Reportedly, public hearings are already ongoing in North Texas and dozens more are scheduled before the next legislative session in 2021.

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