Fox News could get some competition on the tv

While CBS and Viacom are merging, media mogul Shari Redstone could be interested in launching a conservative TV network to compete with Fox News.

Andy Hogue with Travis County Republican Party said it's strange because the media mogul's family is associated with CBS and upcoming Viacom merger.

"I don't know why they haven't used their majority stock holder status to make CBS into a more conservative network. It wouldn't take much. Right now, ABC, NBC and CBS are in lock step with each other. To be honest, Fox isn't that far off," said Hogue.

He said there's been plenty of opportunities to create a conservative network.

"As we Conservatives are want to do, we're prone to go our own direction and do our own thing, we don't cooperate well. I think the future may be in using a streaming services and aggregation services to consolidate what information is out there and put it on a mobile friendly device," said Hogue.

He said currently, a lot of web content is not user friendly.

Hogue added not every news channel is liberal.

The conservative landscape includes One America News Network, along with Newsmax TV and Glenn Beck’s Blaze Media, both of which are on Dish Network.

Other nonlinear TV competitors include Breitbart News, The Daily Caller, Salem Media Group and Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire.

Reportedly, Pluto TV is about to launch a streaming conservative news and opinion channel.

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