Battle lines drawn between mainstream media, Trump

The mainstream media has been on a mission for years when it comes to Donald Trump. It's changed the news business, and the way you see the media today.

The three years of attacks on this President have seen journalists abandon the standards of the profession. Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center says there's a good reason why.

"They figured he would take his ball and go home. He outwitted them, and they have been on a jihad to remove him ever since," Gainor explained.

One of the weapons they use is repetition. Say something enough times, and people believe it.

"When you have nearly the entirety of the media at war with the President of the United States it doesn't matter if they report something true," Gainor stated.

And when the lies don't stick, as they did not with Russia, you've seen them pick new lies, like the impeachment binge.

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