Why you shouldn't trust the Fox News impeachment poll

A Fox News poll last week showed that 51% wanted President Trump impeached and removed from office. That poll is now under scrutiny.

Forty eight percent of the people that were polled said they were Democrats, 12% were independent and only 40% Republican. From there you can do the math. Jacquie Baly with the University of Houston tells KTRH the mainstream media got the result they wanted.

"The media will continue to highlight anything and everything that makes our President look negative. But that doesn't mean that the majority of voters will believe it," Baly explained.

But the media aren't the only ones with a dog in the hunt. Baly says the pollsters have one, too.

"Follow the dollars. You have a lot of pollsters and consultants, from a monetary standpoint, who want to see our President lose," Baly stated.

Only 32% of voters identify as Democrats. Had Fox used that breakdown the result of last week's poll would have been different.

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