Don't let the headlines ruin your financial plans

The national media's non-stop "hair-on-fire" coverage of the President seems to have traders on edge. Every little report that trickles out about trade negotiations with China leads to an up or down on Wall Street. As always, our experts say, don't panic.

Michael Smith is president of Houston's STA Wealth Management.

"Trump looks at the markets as a barometer of the economy; he's gotta keep that going good until the election, so Chinese trade negotiations and discussions are a tool that he's using."

Smith tells his clients we've got a long way to go.

"Be prepared for the volatility this creates and I think this is gonna be heated up going into next year's Presidential election."

Smith says President Trump will probably use the negotiations to his advantage up until the 2020 election.

"This thing could go full circle in one week and we've seen this before so what we're telling our clients is be prepared for volatility and understand how that affects your portfolio and that'll help you navigate through these times because it's not over."

Smith says the trade negotiation news will continue to spark volatility in the markets and investors need to stick to their plans. Many traders say they're exhausted already by the non-stop media coverage of every little aspect of trade negotiations.

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