New trend of passing "Second Amendment Sanctuary County" resolutions in TX

After the mass shootings in El Paso and Midland and Odessa, several state and federal leaders called for tougher gun laws, which led to some county leaders to seek the new trend of a "Second Amendment Sanctuary County" resolution.

The resolution states county deputies will not enforce any restriction that infringes on the on the Second Amendment.

The resolution appeared first in states like Oregon and Illinois that have very restrictive gun laws.

Now several Texas counties are looking to pass similar resolutions.

Guns right attorney Emily Taylor said the Texas Legislature is very respectful of Second Amendment rights with few restrictions. Even though Texas gun rights laws are favorable now, that could change.

"With Texas's changing demographics, with the predictions that we are going to become more and more blue over the next decade or so, it certainly could be that these sheriffs are putting their foot down now," said Taylor.

She said should the state go blue, this could serve as a preemptive strike. It could be a way for sheriffs to try and protect the Second Amendment locally.

"And, saying, 'even though Texas's laws are very favorable, at this point the Second Amendment right , if you think you're going to change that, not in my county'," said Taylor.

She said the discretion of county and city police is very important when it comes to enforcing the law. A county sheriff can change what's happening in terms of criminal enforcement in that county, baring state officials coming in.

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