The most popular Halloween candy in Houston is Milk Duds

A recently released study examined the most popular Halloween candy in every state as well as the most popular Halloween candy in 20 major U.S. cities.

KTRH informally surveyed some Houstonians and not one said Milk Dud currently, much less when they were trick or treaters.

“Back in the day, Baby Ruth. Today, the miniature Snickers, because you don’t feel like you’re eating as much.”

“The candy corn and the candy pumpkins. It’s like cotton candy all up in a little tiny triangle.”

“SweeTarts and Baby Ruth, and some people actually still gave apples, Pixie Stix and Slow Pokes.”

“Snickers as a kid, Snickers now, Snickers for life.”

“Oh, I used to love receiving those Reese’s butter cups candies the little portions, oh, those were my favorite. And, now I like to go ahead and give the Hersey’s candies, still the Reese’s pieces.”

“Astro Pop.”


“Reese’s, always.”

“Mini Twix bars—all the time.”

The study found Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are the most popular candy in 12 states. Airheads, Nerds, SweeTarts, and Gummy Worms are the least popular.

People with children spend on average $35.01 on Halloween candy, $10 more than the national average.

48 percent of Americans support moving Halloween to the last Saturday in October.

The ideal hours for trick-or-treating are between 6-9 pm, and children age out of the trick-or-treating at age 15.

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