Eight Men Charged As Child Sexual Predators

The Houston Metro Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) announced that eight men have been charged with sexually exploiting children online, including a Galveston heart surgeon and a 77-year-old repeat offender.

The multi-day, multi-agency task force went undercover online in August and September to engage individuals seeking sex with children. Posing as minors, law enforcement officials created online personas and visited social media platforms and chat rooms, engaging with the men and arranging in-person meetings. The men were arrested when they showed up, each charged with online solicitation of a minor.

According to information provided by Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen’s office, the eight suspects charged are:

Patrick Ryan Craig *Registered Sex Offender

• 37 years old

• Bond $100,000.00 - POSTED BOND

• HCCO-1 Case #1908-00344

• HPD Case #108430619

• Owner of Bullritos Restaurant- Spring, Texas

• Prior History for Attempted Sexual Performance by Child (Harris County)

• Sentenced to 8 Years TDC in 2005 and was paroled in 2013

Pablo Feliz Estrada

• 24 years old

• Bond $10,000.00 - POSTED BOND

• HCCO-1 Case #1908-00355

• Cashier @ Walgreens-Houston, Texas

Gerald Jamal Colomb

• 34 years old

• Bond $ 20,000.00 – POSTED BOND

• HCCO-1 Case# 1908-00360

• Claims to be a self-employed chef who owns/operates his own food truck in the Houston area

• Claims to volunteer coaching for football/basketball games for his kids in the Houston area

Nicholas Cosby

• 37 years old

• Bond $20,000.00 - Remains in jail as of 10/04/2019 – CONFIRM BEFORE RELEASE

• HCCO-1 Case #1908-00377

• HPD Case# 1092545-19

• Warehouse worker

• Prior Arrests for Assault/Assault Family Violence/POM/Possession-sale unlabeled record-unknown dispositions

Marcial Ramirez

• 38 years old

• Bond $15,000.00 - POSTED BOND

• HCCO-1 Case # 1908-00389

• Works as a temporary employee in a warehouse in the Houston area.

• Prior Arrests for Possession of Dangerous Drugs in Harris County/unknown case dispositi

Shawn Paul Robinson

• 38 years old

• Bond $15,000.00 - POSTED BOND

• HCCO-1 Case #1908-00486

• Employed @ UTMB as a surgeon

o From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania here on a fellowship for heart specialization

David Arellano

• 31 years old

• Bond $15,000.00 - POSTED BOND

• HPD Case #1180260-19

• unemployed

Williard Billings PR BOND REVOKED on the original charge and he remains in jail

• 77 years old

• BOND REVOCATION for being back online/on social media - New Bond is NO BOND

• Chatted on the same social media platform with the same UC he chatted with when arrested 3/20/19 BY HCCO-1

• Harris County Cause #162529201010

• Retired

• Former Military

• No history with exception of arrest for Online Solicitation of a Minor March 2019

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