Eat Your Veggies!

One in four people say they never eat vegetables. Shame on them!

Most of us only include veggies in one third of our meals. Are you hearing mom droning on about eating your vegetables in the recesses of your mind? Kristi King, a Senior Dietician at Children’s Hospital in Houston, says mom was right, for a whole host of reasons.

“Vegetables are a great source of fiber,” she tells KTRH News, expanding on the idea about how all the fiber running through your system benefits your digestive system as a whole, with an added benefit for those watching their weight. “It also helps to keep us full throughout the day.” Eat vegetables and there is less space for cookies.

“But they’re also a great source of anti-oxidants,” she reminds, in case you don’t want cancer.

“Eating vegetables gives you increased vitamins and minerals.” That was the source of mom’s harangue. Mom was right.

The survey was taken by Dr. Preagers. These are the favorites:

Corn 91%

Potatoes 91%

Carrots 89%

Tomatoes 89%

Onion 87%

Green beans 87%

Cucumbers 86%

Broccoli 85%

Cabbage 84%

Peas 83%

These are our least favorite:

Turnip 27%

Beets 26%

Radish 23%

Brussels sprouts 21%

Artichoke 20%

Eggplant 20%

Butternut squash 20%

Zucchini 18%

Mushroom 18%

Asparagus 16%

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