You'd be surprised as to who agrees with the President on Syrian decision

Democrats disagreed with the President on Syria. So did more than a few Republicans. That wasn't a unanimous sentiment.

Some in the mainstream media, like CNN's Jeffrey Toobin sided with the President, more or less.

"I think the President may have the finger on the pulse. I don;t know if it's in our national security interests, but I don't see this as a political negative for the President at all," Toobin said.

Republican strategist Bryan Preston tells KTRH you shouldn;t be surprised at what Trump did here.

"For all the talk that Trump was going to be engaging us in irresponsible conflicts, he's not doing that. He's actually fulfilling a campaign promise," Preston explained.

As for whether this is a political win or not will be determined down the road.

"As with anything, when you engage in foreign policy there is risk. When you engage in foreign policy in the Middle East you can multiply that by ten," Preston stated.

Especially if ISIS winds up making a comeback without the presence of our troops, as many have said they now fear.

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