Experts say the privacy ship has sailed for smart phone users

Facebook owns Instagram and a new messaging app called "Threads" promises to collect a lot of data about its users. But some experts say just using a smart phone kisses away much of your privacy.

Threads asks for your location, your battery usage, your fitness stats and even more.

"If you start sharing information like that with your friends and family; maybe you wanna think twice about that."

New York Times tech writer John Quain says too many apps do the same thing.

"Because Facebook is so big a company and has so many millions and millions and millions of users they get noticed when they have an app like this, but people should be aware most of the apps on their smart phones do very similar things."

Quain says, unfortunately, in many apps there's no option to opt out. You either agree to the privacy violation or you can't use the app.

"If you don't say yes, you probably can't use the app -- that is in 90% of the cases. So, saying you can opt out isn't really an option; you have to decide 'do I want to use this app or not and is it convenient enough or not' and those are the trade-offs you make."

Quain says there's no regulation for these apps and this personal information is collected and sold to other companies.

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