Boomers Concerned over Job Skills

The skill requirements for a job can change in a heartbeat.

Many Baby Boomers feel like they might not have the skills they need to avoid a future layoff. Good companies offer training for the new skills..But it a Boomer's company doesn't offer it immediately. Juanita Jimenez-Soto of Texas AARP has this suggestion. “If they see something coming on – like a new way of doing things, they should go to their employer and say, ‘I will be an asset to your company moving forward but first I need to learn this. Invest in me. I know I can get it done.”

If training is still not offered - she says to check out community colleges and even you tube for instruction. Boomers are experienced, mature hard working employees who know their industries well and shouldn't be left behind. Jimenez-Soto says they should remember just what they bring to the table. “Remember they have a lot of worth. They have experience and experiences that other people they work with don’t have --- especially those who are new to the industry!”

Most workers believe it's essential to improve their professional skills and their employer should supply it.

Serious older Caucasian businessman leaning on desk

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