Sticker-shock is really getting out of hand

When we were kids you could get a Jeep on the cheap, but now some of their SUVs are 50-grand and there are pickups nearing a 100-grand!

KTRH car pro Jerry Reynolds says the high prices are because of rebates and incentives.

"There's a lot of markup in a truck that price; you can get that $90,000 truck into the upper 70s."

Reynolds says used cars always out sell new cars. He tells his listeners to shop both.

"The used car business is good; people are looking at certified cars in bigger numbers because of the prices on the new ones."

These days, Reynolds says many dealers are having trouble getting enough used cars to fill their lots.

Reynolds says don't fixate on buying new or used.

"When you've got really aggressive incentives, like we do right now, and then you've got a high used car market, sometimes there's not a lot of distance between a new one and a certified. So, I always tell people to look at both."

Reynolds says high sticker prices on new cars can be an illusion, because of all the rebates and incentives. He says you may be able to buy a $50,000 car for some amount in the high 30s.

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