Impeachment effort by left ramps up, but Republicans respond

The effort by democrats to impeach President Trump have ramped up. But, Republicans are responding.

The Republican Party calls what the Democrats are trying to do a 'coup.' Michael Joyce with the RNC told KTRH you agree, judging by the donations coming in.

"We raised over 13 million dollars in the first 36 hours since Nancy Pelosi announced she is moving forward with the impeachment inquiry," Joyce said.

And that number has continued to go up. As if Friday it was over 15 million dollars in small, donations, including 50 thousand from new donors. So how do Republicans running in 2020 respond?

"Tell the American people that once again the Democrats are trying to steal an election from you," he explained. "In 2016 they rigged the election for Hillary Clinton. They did everything in their power to take the election away from Donald Trump."

Joyce says what Democrats are trying to do is simply to "steal our Republic."

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