The World of Drones is Getting Closer


We’ve been hearing for years about someday far off in the future when the skies will be filled with drones.

It’s here.

The Federal Aviation Administration is allowing United Parcel Service (UPS) to expand their testing of drone deliveries of medical supplies. Drone expert Parham Eftekhari, Executive Director of Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, says when you look into the sky in a few years you’ll see them. “The commercial use of drones is a reality. The FAA has been slowly granting approvals for different organizations like Amazon and UPS most recently,” he tells KTRH News. Amazon has publicly stated that they are a few months from beginning to deliver Prime packages by drone, suggesting service could begin by the end of this year. Etekhari laughs at the image most people hold of a sky filled with hundreds drones buzzing around overhead, but says in the not too distant future, expect it to be commonplace to see a dozen or more.

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