A warning about online reviews

Trust can be a four-letter word online. So many reviews, for everything from movies to clothing, are bought and paid for. How do you know which reviews to trust?

Joshua Starnes is a movie reviewer for VitalThrills.com.

"Don't go with anonymous reviews; go with names, go with people that you have a track record with them. For film and TV you can go to wherever they write and read all the stuff they do and see if they always give everything 5-star reviews or if they always hate everything."

Starnes says lots of reviews are bought and paid for.

"For a big movie you can potentially see a bunch of those being fake. There was a story last year about how one of the Star Wars movies had 33-million user reviews, which is many, many times larger than for any other movie on the site."

Starnes says this advice works for everything, including the stuff you buy on Amazon.

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