Funeral Arrangements have been Made

Arrangements for funeral services have been made for Sandeep Dhaliwal, the Harris County Sheriff's Deputy who was shot down during a traffic stop yesterday (9-27-2019).. Both services will be at the Berry Center,Berry Center, (8877 Barker Cypress) in Cypress on Wednesday, October 2nd.

A Sikh religious ceremony at 10:30 a.m

The law enforcement ceremony at 11:30.

The public is welcome at both, space permitting.

Dhaliwal, a 10-year veteran of HCSO, was the first member of the Sikh community to join the sheriff's office. He's survived by his wife and three children.

Two people (one man and one woman) are in custody for his murder. Investigators say it appears Deputy Dhaliwal was shot multiple times from behind, with his gun still in his holster.

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