Wanted: Houston Software Professionals

In Houston, there is no shortage of openings in different software jobs, from traditional coding to and data analytics. Abid Abedi of iCODE, which gives after-school training in Coding and Computer Science brings up recent Robert Half findings “95% of the I.T. Managers in Houston are looking to hire Software and other I.T. professionals. At the same time, those same managers say they are having a difficult time finding qualified IT professionals.”

Abedi doesn't understand why anyone would send their kids to college when Software positions are in demand, allow you to work from home and usually pay 6 figures and don’t necessarily require a 4-year degree. “Too many American students are wasting their time studying accounting and marketing. I think the whole perception of software coders sitting behind a desk and coding all day long are gone.” He says we will need even more in the future as we become even more dependent on technology.

According to Abedi, the Petro-Chemical and Medical industries in Houston are in the most need of these workers.

Software developers solving a problem.

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