Veterans and Suicide- A Local and National Crisis

More American Veterans have died from suicide in the last 9 years than all the U.S. troops who were killed in the Vietnam War. More than 6,000 veterans die by suicide each year and the number is rising.David Moulsby, Executive Director of Camp Hope says, “Suicide numbers have been consistently increasing – unfortunately – across the board in the United States.In the Military and Veteran Population those numbers have been increasing in a greater rate.”

Moulsby discusses why. ““It’s a very complex issue. Part of that is the multiple deployments – and the re-integration back into society. There’s a struggle there. After three or more deployments, spending that much time in a war zone is very dangerous to your mental state.”

If you think a veteran in your life may be pre-suicidal, he says the first signs to look for are your veteran becoming isolated from family and friends and self-medicating.

“I you really think it’s a crisis situation – call 911.Otherwise, try to encourage them with something like, “Hey – let’s talk to somebody. Let’s find somebody who can help. There are plenty of people who are here to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.“

Camp Hope

Texas Health and Human Services

Veterans Mental Health Program

Veterans Crisis Line

Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline

Texas Suicide Prevention



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