Mainstream media, once again, predicts doom and gloom for Trump

Once again, the mainstream media claims there's gloom and doom on the horizon for President Trump. And those predictions might just be based on wishful thinking.

The number of white working class Americans is now below 40% for the first time, and the mainstream media claims that's trouble for Trump in 2020. Political analyst Debbie Georgatos disagrees.

"There has been one attack after the next from the leftist media proclaiming that this will truly be the end of President Trump, Georgatos said.

She says it's getting to the point where you are tuning out the noise and looking into the facts.

"The American people are finally going to be looking at what Trump is doing, the impact of his policies, the health of our economy, and all of the jobs coming back," Georgatos explained.

White Americans without a four year college degree represented 71% of the population in 1975, and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis says they will not be the largest demographic group by 2034.

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