Houston has lots of happy workers

Houston ranks number five in the country with the most fulfilled workers, according to a report by The Society for Human Resource Management.

Almost two-thirds of working Americans say they have worked in a “toxic” workplace, with 26 percent of them saying they have worked in more than one

Society for Human Resource Management President and CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. said workers want to do something that gives them purpose and help others.

"We have a number of employees, roughly one in four, who dread going to work. That's the word they used-dread. And, as a result, that has created real challenges for employers in this tight labor market," said Taylor.

He said in the last five years, one in five Americans have quit their job due to workplace culture, which costs businesses upwards of $223 billion in turnover costs.

The core of the problem at work--the managers. 49 percent want to leave a job and a lot of employees thought their boss didn't know how to lead a team.

Taylor said compensation, job security, flexibility along with no income tax and great weather are just a few reasons why Houstonians are happy.

"The one that really sticks out to us is this morality factor. People in these cities, including Houston, feel that their bosses are more ethical and honest and are good leaders," said Taylor.


Managers & Culture

•Nearly half (49%) of Americans have thought about leaving their current organization.

•Nearly 1 in 5 Americans (17%) have left a job due to workplace culture in the last 5 years,

costing organizations approximately $223 billion.

o The number one reason? Their manager (58%).

Important Role, Poor Training 

•Roughly 3 in 4 American workers (76%) say their manager sets the culture of their workplace

•But roughly 1 in 3 working Americans (36%) say their manager doesn’t know how to lead a

team. In turn:

o Nearly 3 in 10 (29%) don’t trust their manager to treat them fairly.

O 3 in 10 Americans (30%) say that their manager doesn’t encourage a culture of open and

transparent communication.

Toxicity at Work

•1 in 4 Americans (25%) don’t feel safe voicing their opinions about work-related issues.

•1 in 4 Americans (25%) don’t feel respected and valued at work.

•More than 1 in 4 Americans (26%) dread going into work.

•1 in 5 Americans (20%) call in sick when they don’t feel like going to work.

Spillover into the World

•Nearly 3 in 10 Americans (28%) say their workplace culture makes them irritable at home.

•Nearly half of Americans (47%) have postponed important things in their personal life (e.g.,

family, friends, life milestones) due to the demands of work.

•Nearly 6 in 10 Americans (56%) leave work feeling exhausted.

Communication is Key

•Nearly 4 in 10 Americans (39%) say their manager fails to frequently engage in candid/honest

conversations about work topics.

•Nearly 1 in 5 Americans (19%) are uncomfortable engaging in candid/honest conversations

about work topics with their manager.


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