Really? A Taco Editor!?!

If you read Texas Monthly regularly, then you know about Daniel Vaughn, the man who parlayed his life as Bar-B-Cue Enthusiast into becoming their Bar-B-Cue Editor. Good Gig. Now they have gone and hired José R. Ralat, their first TACO EDITOR!!! We spoke with random Houstonians asking their impression of the position. Comments ranged from:

"I think it's a good idea. Tacos aren't just from Taco Stands any more and it's good to get an opinion from an expert before your go to a new place," to "Texas Monthly obviously has too much time on their hands," to our favorite, "I didn't know the position was open!"

No one actually knows José R. Rala and we're sure he's a nice guy, but really? A TACO editor? Next we sampled his writing and saw that he thinks burritos are tacos. According to everyone we spoke to, them's fighting words! Here's a sampling:

"No, a burrito has beans and rice and whatever else you want to put in them like cheese or meat. A taco is a hard or soft shell with protein." "No, he's wrong.," and our favorite, "They are different - thus they have different names."

So - good luck, José R. Ralat. For your sake we hope the Taco Frenzy continues and you have a long and fruitful career at Texas Monthly. And let us know when the position for Burger Editor opens up!


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