Minutemen Disaster Response Team Help Imelda Storm Victims

In response to the flooding in South Texas due to Tropical Storm Imelda, McKinney, Texas based Minuteman Disaster Response (MDR) is on site in Beaumont, Texas working with local and state officials to create a relief plan for residents of the flooded region.

A portion of the 140 person Relief Team from Minuteman Disaster Response will be arriving Tuesday, September 24th, and are scheduled to stay until Sunday, September 29th, with the possibility of staying longer, if needed. They will be assisting homeowners in the local community doing muck-out (clean up) of homes and making their resources available to local officials. 

The MDR team is experienced, trained and equipped to bring assistance to the region. The team brings a self sufficient base camp to assist the community without a drain on local resources. On Saturday, September 21st, Stan Waite said, “The Minuteman team is on the ground, we have our boots on, we’ve done our recon, our relief team is heading this way soon, and we are out here to help people in any way we can.” 

Tropical Storm Imelda Brings Heavy Flooding To Houston Area

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