Why do Houston highways flood so much?

It happened again. Houston had another major rain event. The highways couldn't handle it. Why does this keep happening?

The questions are being asked because Houston is the 4th largest city in the country. We asked the same question - why does this keep happening - to Tim Lomax at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. He told KTRH News there isn't really an easy answer to this one.

"Some of the problem is how we handle the water that does hit the ground. We need more detention basins, pods; the land needs to be more absorbing," he explained.

Starting next year TxDOT is going to make some big changes to the North Freeway. In three locations it will be underground. Lomax says for this to work precautions need to be taken.

"Putting a road underneath the ground in Houston means you have to pay more attention to the pumps; more attention to the drainage structure. You don't want water backing up into that area," Lomax said.

TxDOT is planning to add more retention ponds and pumps for any portion of freeway that goes underground, and they have full time hydrologists and engineers helping with design.

Tropical Storm Imelda Brings Heavy Flooding To Houston Area

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