More lawsuits are being filed to keep the wall from being built

Three proposed sections of border wall for Arizona are on hold because they’re going to cost more than the Defense Department planned on spending.

The Army Corps of Engineers now claims there's not enough contract savings to undertake the three additional border wall projects in Arizona.

SMU Political Science professor Cal Jillson said there is a titanic struggle between Congress and the president over money for a border wall.

"President Trump and Defense Secretary (Mark) Esper are working very hard to find money in the Pentagon budget, without taking so much money out of the budget that they compromise defense in order to build that border wall," said Jillson.

He said the president will continue to work hard to put up portions of the border wall.

"This fight, which is between the president and Congress, generally being played out in the courts, is going to go on for as long as President Trump is in the White House," said Jillson.

He said there's any number of things Congress should be doing if they weren't fighting with the president.


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