We're spending like someone else is paying

The GOP may control the White House and the Senate but the federal government has been spending like it's run by far left democrats. The budget deficit is more than a trillion in the first eleven months of this fiscal year. Most analysts say this is not sustainable.

Heritage Foundation analyst Justin Bogie says it's not easy to claim you're conservative spending like this.

"Back in 2010 we saw this Tea Party wave that came through and really ran on fiscal responsibility and a lot of that has kind of died down, that wave, and now we're seeing record deficits -- we're gonna be over a trillion dollars next year, if not this year, by the end of the year."

Bogie says we need to cut the entitlement programs, like Medicare and Social Security, but no one's shown the courage to do it.

Bogie says President Trump has tried to limit spending.

"The President's put forth three budget proposals so far; the first proposal balanced in ten years and the other two would have significantly cut the size and scope of the federal government. But it takes democrats to make these things happen as well."

Bogie says it's hard for republicans to claim they're conservative when they conspire with the democrats on out of control spending.

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