Bush full ground stop, Hobby no arrivals but ok for departures

5:01--No arriving flights into Houston today, only few departing flights. Flight operations are estimated to resume tomorrow afternoon per the FAA. Will update if that changes to an earlier time. Check w/ airline on flight status. Roadways approaching IAH are clear at this time.

3:52 pm--Roadway update: One lane open inbound and outbound JFK. Will Clayton is still flooded east of Lee Rd.

1:49 pm--No parking lots operated by IAH have flooded. That includes the garages and eco park.

1:25 pm--HFD is seeing lot of stalled vehicles in the area of Bush Intercontinental Airport. All civilian traffic related to airport should be avoided.

12:40 pm--Roads approaching IAH are flooded, if you have to pick someone up from the airport right now, delay your drive. The airport is open, we have power and restaurants are open, so your passenger will be ok.


11:34 am--FAA allowing flights to depart from Hobby but no arrivals.

11:15 am--Hobby Airport is under a groundstop due to weather. Flights are delayed.


Photo courtesy of @Aimee Gardner

10:34--Will Clayton @ Eastex Fwy showing 6’ water level. Not passable.

10:22--HCSO reports roads by Bush airport are receiving requests for High-Water rescues in the W. Lake Houston Parkway & Will Clayton.

UPDATE (9:55 am):

Current road conditions, street flooding reported Will Clayton in/out bound from McKay Road to Lee Road and high water WCP outbound at SF and SC Bridges.

JFK inbound outbound heavy ponding and high water reported.


Due to weather in the area, airport is at a full ground stop (9:45 am).

Photo courtesy of @Aimee Gardner

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