Sleepless in Houston from Stress

Stressed man

Three out of four adults lose sleep because of stress.

There's always something that keeps them tossing and turning, and crisis traumatologist Veronica Sites say it’s because we're focusing on the wrong things. “We need some resilience skills in knowing how to bounce back. It’s not to suppress what’s bothering us, it’s to focus on the fact that it’s temporary. It’s not going to stay that way,” she tells KTRH News.

The Mayo Clinic says the most important resilience skill is learning to train your attention and focus on what is positive and meaningful in your life.

From the Mayo Clinic:

“Resilience is the remarkable ability of humans to adapt when faced with adversity. We have all shown incredible resilience, simply by surviving as long as we have! Resilience is a learned ability, one that can be learned and built and developed by anyone.

Resilient people not only survive and bounce back after a setback, they come back stronger and wiser. People who are highly resilient are excellent at finding the silver lining in any situation, and they excel in finding the lesson each negative experience has taught them and applying it in their future endeavors.”

Sites suggests a good remedy to fight stress is a good belly laugh. “Laughter is amazing medicine to the body. It alters the body’s chemistry and counters in times of stress,” she says.

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