Mozilla tries new web model

The web browser Mozilla is experimenting with a new business model that would eliminate those annoying advertisements and pop ups, and would eliminate a websites ability to data mine your every keystroke.

How do we reach that Utopian model?

You’ll pay for it, not unlike a streaming service for television or movie programming. And Michael Garfield, the host of AM 950 KPRC’s “High Tech Texan” show, thinks that could be the rub.

“There will be no data collection and there will be no advertisement. I like the concept. I think it’s going to be a tough hurdle because we the public aren’t used to paying for things other than those subscription models for some content that we currently do,” he tells KTRH News.

Partnering with Creative Commons and a micro-payment startup, the model is for consumers to pay into a common pot and that money will be divided by the websites that participate.

It's new, in the concept creation phase, and so far is just an idea, but they hope to develop it in the next five years with $100 million in startup money they’ve allocated for the innovation.

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