Ballot harvesting could help Democrats in 2020

They call it ballot harvesting; the manipulation of mail-in votes. And it could be a weapon for Democrats in the 2020 election.

It's not just something that happens in states like California. Hans von Spakovsky told KTRH Texas has seen its share of ballot harvesting as well.

"There have been a number of prosecutions of individuals for picking up ballots and actually completing the ballot for the voter," he said.

He says he's worried about it impacting 2020 election results, but that there are things that can be done about it, too.

"Extend the Voter ID requirement to absentee balloting. That makes it a little more difficult to pick up and change these absentee ballots," he explained.

And he also says that if you see someone picking up mail in ballots who are not members of immediate family, you should report it so that it can be investigated.

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