Tropical Disturbance Four is Brewing

It's unformed, it's not a threat but it certainly is disturbing to East Texas residents.

The National Hurricane Center is closely monitoring three tropical waves in the Atlantic Ocean and one that popped up in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

They are giving "Disturbance Four" a 10% chance of formation in the next 48 hours. An optimist might see that as a 90% of nothing forming in 48 hours, but this is Texas and it's mid-September, the height of the Atlantic hurricane season when anything can happen.

Meteorologists say there is an upper-level low pressure system that threatens to bring rain and thunderstorms, but say there will only be a slight chance for development in the next couple days.

Conditions, though, could change as it approaches the western side of the Gulf mid week, and that possibility is increasing our chance for rain around Wednesday.

The National Hurricane Center is giving Disturbance Four only a 30% chance of formation in the next five days.

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