Was Walmart just grandstanding on Open Carry?

Walmart made a lot of people angry when they 'requested' that people didn't open carry in their stores. It looks like that 'request' was nothing more than a show for the left.

The gun rights group Open Carry Texas says members have open carried in Walmart since this 'request' was made, and have not been asked to leave. David Amad with told KTRH Walmart's announcement may have been only for the benefit of gun control supporters.

"The left was putting all kinds of pressure to do something, so Walmart decided that they needed to do something," Amad said.

And in 2019, that 'do something' was superficial more than anything else.

"The point of all this was not to be anti-gun. The point of this was to get the gun haters, who were shoving a corkscrew in Walmart's ear, to stop it," Amad explained.

And according to the numbers, gun sales were up 15% in August, driven in part by concerns Congress would pursue more restrictions on the Second Amendment.

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