Texas analysts: Biden remains front runner after last night's debate

With that the third Democratic debate is in the books, analysts say last night did nothing to change what the top of the field looks like.

What struck Republican strategist Bryan Preston was that the candidates were in Texas and largely avoided the topic of energy.

"They didn't even talk about it until the third hour. America deserves to hear what the Democrats really thinks about the energy industry, but they were deprived of that," Preston said.

UT-Arlington political scientist Allan Saxe was surprised at something else that wasn't brought up; the booming economy.

"There were no conversations about the economy, stock market or unemployment rate," he explained adding that the moderators didn't do their job, or that something else factored in to that decision.

"The moderators or the Democratic National Committee framed the questions," Saxe stated. "They left out a lot."

In the end, Saxe says he was impressed with Joe Biden.

"Biden was the strongest that I've ever heard him. I think he did quite well," Saxe told KTRH News.

Preston says nothing at the top of the crowded field will change after last night.

"Biden, Warren and Sanders are still the top three. That's going to be the case for a while," Preston said.

The next debates are set for October 15th and 16th. They will take place in Ohio.


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