I-Buying is Changing Real Estate Models

U.S. Pending Home Sales Decline In April After Precipitous Climb In March

So you wanna sell your house, you go to an online site like Open Door, fill out a form with details about your home, and within 24 hours the company will make an offer, then you can close in a few days, pack up and move out without ever having to hold an open house, declutter, or fix anything. Houston Open Door General Manager Jason Cline says the real estate business was the one industry that hadn't been disrupted by technology. “There was very little innovation. The core problem that we’re solving is that selling and buying a home is just a massive life disruption. We’re delivering certainty, simplicity, and speed.”

There are several companies moving into i-buying, including the giant Zillow, Redfin and Open Door which are finding in cases of a job move, divorce, inheritance, some people are just looking for making it easier.


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