Study finds Americans are getting used to having their faces scanned

Pew Research Center’s study finds when law enforcement uses biometric scans and facial recognition technology--especially to detect potential security threats--Americans are ok with it. But, when tech companies or advertisers use it, not so much.

Cybersecurity attorney Shawn Tuma warned people should be diligent and defend their liberties.

"It's no point in having absolute security if we lose our humanity in the process. We're balancing our security and our privacy. And, the important point is to maintain that balance in the middle and not veer too far in one direction or the other," said Tuma.

He said in society, we could have absolute security, which would mean we would have zero freedom.

“In society, we could have absolute security. But, it would mean we would have zero freedom. We don’t want that. That’s not our objective. Our objective is to have reasonable securitytools available, while also preserving our privacy, our rights, our humanity,” said Tuma.

He said with any tool, there's always a potential for misuse.

Houston facial recognition expert Panos Moutafis CEO of Zenus Biometrics said first, people need to figure out if they’re afraid of facial recognition or concerned.

“Fear is when we don’t understand how it works. Concern is when we understand the advantages, but also the implications of using such a power technology,” said Moutafis.

He said facial recognition is a powerful technology.

“It’s like a sharp knife. You can use it for harm or to cook a nice meal for your family,” said Moutafis.

He said facial recognition can benefit public safety and security, but people need to be mindful of how it’s used. Law enforcement needs to be able to use it as a tool, but there should be some regulation, oversight to make sure people’s privacy is respected.

The study found Dulles Airport officials, ICE and U.S. Customs and Border Protection have successfully caught imposters by using facial recognition technology.

Facial recognition of Caucasian businessman

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